How to Make a Living, Doing what you Love

This 21 day Online Video Course is a step by step, practical beginners guide; designed to propel you into living the Creative life you've always dreamed of!

Do you have a Creative passion or hobby that you are eager to turn into a full-time Living, 
but not sure how to start? 


Are you at the very beginning of your Creative Career, 
looking to create more and get paid for what you love to do?

If you answered YES! to either of these questions, then this Course: "How to make a Living, doing what you Love" is for you! 
It will show you how to transform your life and start creating it on your terms, today.
Leona Matuszak
Leona Matuszak
Artist, Art Workshop Facilitator & Creativity Coach

About the instructor

Leona mission is to connect people of all ages and from all walks of life to their Creativity. She firmly believes that when you connect to your unique creative expression, you will live a not just happy, but fulfilled life. Leona specialises in Mosaic and Sculpture and has 5 pieces of permanent Public Art around London, U.K. 

Leona has been teaching Art to Adults and Children for well over a decade. She runs her business, 'Artists Resource - Art and Craft Workshops', where she teaches in Schools, hosts Art classes and brings her Community Art Projects to Events.

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Course Overview:

The Fundamentals

In Days 1 to 7, you will learn about the fundamentals of Creativity and set the foundation in which your creative life can flourish. These are the key elements you'll need to Create a life you've always dreamed of. The first few videos here deal with getting into the correct headspace to prepare and begin. The last few videos here give solid action steps to lay your new and strong foundation.

Day 1 - Your Creative Mindset 

Day 2 - Valuing Your Creativity

Day 3 - Hold the Vision, Trust the Process

Day 4 - Manifesting

Day 5 - Sacred Space

Day 6 - Daily Habits

Day 7 - Holistic Living

The Blocks and Barriers
In Days 8 to 14, you will learn how to move through the most common blocks and barriers, we all need to conquer as Creative people. When we have methods to deal with the things that hold us back effectively, we can firmly put ourselves in the driving seat of our lives. All these videos give solid action steps to take so that each element can be learnt to overcome with ease.

Day 8 - Fear

Day 9 - Self-doubt

Day 10 - Building Resilience

Day 11 - Procrastination

Day 12 - Being Hard on Yourself

Day 13 - Inner Determination

Day 14 - Isolation & Criticism

The Practicals

In Days 15 to 21, you will discover the essential practical elements you need - that will propel you into making a Living from DOING what you Love! When we truly master these things we will step into a whole new reality of possibility, opportunity and excitement!  Each video gives you a new perspective on each issue and multiple methods in which to put them in motion.

Day 15 - Time

Day 16 - Money

Day 17 - Success

Day 18 - Building your Online Presence

Day 19 - Self Promotion

Day 20 - Celebrating

Day 21 - Persistence

Praise for this course:

‘This Course injected a ray of sunshine into my life. Leona’s advice is both uplifting and practical.  Spending a on day in each topic gave a flood of ideas. She certainly sparked my creativity to flow in many unexpected ways and I feel more encouraged to show my art to the world.’

Vanya Silverten: 
Intuitive Healer, Author and Singer.

"I found the course extremely helpful, simple to follow and, most importantly, easy to fit in with my daily life (which is often hectic and leaves no room for me to do the things I love).  

Thanks to Leona, I am managing to break away from an old routine and bad habits which has trapped me in a cycle for many years pursuing things which don't make me happy.  I look forward to a brighter future with open eyes and a fulfilled heart"

Lucilla Green: 
Managing Director of 'Do the Rights Things' - dedicated to helping Musicians with their rights and royalties.

"This course helped me to think about how I am creative in different ways. It has encouraged and challenged me to be more creative in my work and let my natural creativity blossom.

I would encourage anyone who knows they have a talent but feels stuck and is not sure how or what to do to allow that talent to grow, to take this course. I guarantee that this course will move you forward in the right direction!"

Patricia Hampel:
Solicitor and Writer.

"I am an Artist and I loved taking this Course! I have always wanted to transform my Drawing and Painting into a Financially Viable Career, but lacked the Courage to make it happen. Watching Leona's videos in this Course has made me Value my Art more and in turn, have trust that I can sell more. 

Leona's videos are easy to follow and they don't make you feel rushed. Overall, the psychological and practical elements combined in this Course are already fuelling my excitement and confidence to make more Art and I now have a solid plan on how to make more money from them too!"

Kasana Avishek:
Visual Artist and Teaching Assistant to children with Special Needs.

This Course is for you if:

  1. You are tired of working a 9-5 job that you don't like.
  2. You can't bear the thought of working for someone else for the rest of your life.
  3. You don't want to abandon your Creative dreams any longer!
  4. You've always wanted to do what you love, all the time - you just haven't known how to do it.
  5. You lack confidence in your Creativity and need a push to get your Career going.
  6. You want to make Money from doing what you Love.
  7. You want to turn your part-time hobby into a full-time Living.
  8. Something is holding you back from pursuing your Creative Career, but you can't quite work out what it is.
  9. You need Motivation to get your Creative work done and start selling it.
  10. You are an Artist, a Writer, a Musician, an Actor, a Designer, a Performer, A Dancer, A Crafts-Person, A Designer-Maker or anyone with a Creative passion, talent or skill, determined to get started and make it in your Industry.
  11. You enjoy what you make and want to share it with people who will love and appreciate your Creativity.
Are you ready to experience true Happiness & fulfilment in your life?

Are you ready to start making a Living from doing what you Love?

YES, Enrol me on this Course!

The Course in detail:

It's time for you to start

making a Living from Doing what you Love!